I am happy to announce the sale of my equity in Iron-Point Marketing has been finalized. Three years of hard work, ups and downs have resulted in job creation, fond memories, success and much learning. It is time for Iron-Point v2.0 and for me to attack my next new adventure, TBD.
Lessons I have lived and message to ALL: 
1) America is still THE land of freedom and opportunity
2) Positive energy leads to positive results
3) Be Yourself and Live Your Dream!

A special THANK YOU to my supportive and loving wife, Angela!


Happy to announce Iron-Point.com just signed our 2nd largest retainer ever to build a best-in-class demand generation center for this awesome tech client.    
#Marketing automation services, UX, systems architecture & digital production are foundational elements.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Eat Well, Sleep Sound, Repeat!

If you shop on Thanksgiving, you are telling everybody (yourself, family, friends & business) that YOU value materials (tomorrows junk) more than family time & memories. Just sayin.

Last year at this time, we had a last minute request to execute a “cool Black Friday” campaign for one of our largest clients. We made the deadline, increased CTR by 8% and exceeded the revenue goal! Happy to say “no surprises” this season… …. so far.

I feel old.  I have seen Huey Lewis more times at business events than in concert in high school.  

Every developer is now a mobile developer. 

I love ending the week with a new client!

Please join me in supporting Hushly by voting in the 2013 Top Sales & Marketing Awards.Hushly's new technology serves both buyers and sellers by optimizing engagement flow based on individual cadence. Buyers get the details they need prior to speaking with Sales. Sales can engage prospects much earlier in the sales process. Truly Revolutionary!